A DIY Christmas Gift For Your Girlfriend Using PowerPoint

14/10/2014 11:38
What Christmas gift do you plan to offer your girlfriend? Sending her followers is a great idea. As we know, girls are born to enjoy followers. The followers will speak by themselves as soon as your sweetheart received the gift. Remember that the most expensive gift is not always the best gift. Sometimes a special meal at a restaurant is usually a real surprise on her, where you two haven't ever attended. Because the most important thing in love relationships is you have to show that she requires a special position with your heart. So leave all the work stuff aside and spend an entire day with your ex could possibly be the most effective Christmas gift I think. If you two lives in different cities, then a DIY Christmas gift would means the most. Because essentially the most precious gifts will never be those may be weighed by cost.
You should have stored a lot of photos of one of the most beautiful moments of your girlfriend spending time with you. Pick out a couple of with special meanings and make up a DVD slideshow yourself as Christmas gift (should you haven’t performed this before). This year’s Christmas has to be different to your girlfriend. You can simply DIY the Christmas DVD photo album using PowerPoint, for many sherrrd like will be the love and affection.
The “Photo Album” function in PowerPoint allows you to import your photos at one time, with one photo on a single slide.
Tips: Put all the photos a single folder and arrange them in a proper order before insertion.
Add an intimate love song as PowerPoint background music. Insert the song and judge “Automatically” each time a message box happens. Then set the song to try out through the entire slides: set the song Start playing from beginning and Stop playing after the last slide. How to set music play across slides in PowerPoint 2010
Bring the still photos one's with the addition of animations and transitions, words, feelings you wish to say to her, a few items of voice narrations would be best of all.
Remember to preview the photo slideshow prior to deciding to save it as being something special. If you are satisfied, now you can burn the photo album to DVD and directly send becoming a Christmas gift with PPT to DVD burner.
Love 's what people pursuit eternally. Let Christmas Day be described as a day that completely belongs to the individuals who love, care and lives for loved ones. Make her happy on Christmas Day!